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Plant Protein

An Organic Vegan Protein Powder – Australia’s Finest Blend
Where Nature Meets Nutrition

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    Plant Protein

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Byron Inspired’s organic protein powder – Australia’s favourite vegan alternative – embraces a healthier lifestyle by drawing inspiration from national flora. We believe in creating radiance from the inside out with a unique blend of powerful plant-based ingredients that give the very best dose of raw goodness from Mother Earth herself.

Formulated with dairy-free protein powder, our products are passionately created to be the perfect concoction that delivers nutritional value down to a cellular level. Enrich your wellbeing with a combination of nature’s most potent organic essentials – including plant proteins and powerful superfoods.

Plant-based protein powder born from a passion for sustainable living

Based in tranquil Bryon Bay itself, we keep ourselves busy by creating blends that meet our commitment toward ethical products. Every option in our range reflects our love for a healthy body and mind, embracing modern lifestyles facilitated by our nurturing supplements.

Carefully hand-mixed, we pour our heart and soul into every blend of organic protein powder. Australia is filled with natural wonders, so we include these organic wonders in our plant-based, certified products. The result is a combination of wildcrafted and certified organic ingredients that replenish, nurture and complement modern lifestyles.

Dairy-free, guilt-free, cruelty-free

With love and respect at the core of our brand, the Byron Inspired range pays tribute to harmoniously living with animals, the environment around us, and humanity as a whole.

Featuring an array of whole foods that are both live and active, these raw staples support your every day with health-focused benefits. Enjoy a combination that gets you up and going, ready to face whatever your schedule has in store for you, all the while knowing you’re choosing a product that respects eco-friendly values.

Take your pick

The Byron Inspired selection is designed to give you the very best vegan protein powder Australia’s market has to offer. Browse blends such as:

Integrity: A plant-based protein powder featuring wild-crafted organic ingredients that are 100% certified. We include five powerful ingredients to support your inner wellbeing.

Truth: Combining unique wildcrafted natives and exotic superfoods, this nutrient-dense blend is packed full of the good stuff. As one of our best-sellers, it’s the first choice for those looking for an all-natural option, down to every last ingredient.

Gentle Truth: Get back on top of the world with this blend of nutrients like essential vitamins, minerals, omegas, prebiotics, and more. There’s so much to love about this product that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Community #1: This dairy-free protein powder is ideal for those with an intolerance for lactose or who’d rather disclude it from their diet. With a focus on value for money, this option combines our top-selling powders in our exclusive community subscription.

Community #2: Another package of goodness from Byron Inspired, Community #2 allows customers to snatch up another round of our combo products through our monthly subscription.

Give back to your body with Byron Inspired’s collection now. Shop online to have your order shipped directly to you anywhere across Australia.


Why choose an Australian organic protein powder?

Not all products on the market are made equal. To ensure you’re giving your body the best that Mother Earth has to offer, we recommend choosing a plant-based, natural, and organic certified product – like those from Byron Inspired.

We use 100% natural ingredients that are free from harsh, synthetic additives, giving your wellbeing a dose of rawness that’s great for you inside and out.

Is vegan protein powder good for you?

Blends like this help your body strengthen muscle and tissue, all the while supporting weight loss. As these formulas tend to be lower in calories, they contain less fat but still pack in lots of fiber and nutrients.

Can you really build muscle with plant-based protein?

Yes! Our products are designed to support mass gains and muscle development, especially if you’re focusing on resistance training.


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